Utopia    Launch 07 Jul 2017

Trendy Terracotta…Lapicida launches a brand new selection of these stunning antique tiles!


Nothing oozes Mediterranean chic quite like a splash of terracotta tiling, and this summer, tile specialist Lapicida has launched a new collection of classic antique tiles that are the perfect match for any rustic interior!

Gracing some of the smartest interiors with their warm, natural appeal, these tiles are the epitome of relaxed Italian-inspired living.

The new collection encompasses all manner of rustic shades, from pinks and creams to the iconic reds, each collection reflects the clays native to the regions from which they hail.

All salvaged from 18th and 19th Century buildings, mainly in France, each limited edition tile holds a unique history exhibited through its naturally worn aesthetic.

A picture of tonal and textural beauty, these tiles start from £120 per metre squared


Lapicida | lapicida.co.uk