Utopia    Launch 20 Jul 2017

Transform your bathroom into a sensual home spa with Hansgrohe’s new Cromo shower range


Hansgrohe’s new Croma 280 range aims to bring the naturally invigorating experience of a rain shower to the bathroom. The Cromo 280 overhead shower succeeds in just this; with, as the name suggests, a 280 mm shower head, the water does simply spray, but falls, to create an immersive showering experience with a rain-like flow.

The range focuses on precise shapes and clean lines and epitomises the work of its designers: Hansgrohe’s longstanding partner Phoenix Design. The spray discs are crafted from a durable and robust metal, which can be easily detached for quick cleaning. Functionally, each water droplet is enriched with air to create a soft, enveloping spray, while optional in-built EcoSmart technology can save water and limit the shower to using only nine litres a minute.

Hansgrohe’s Croma Select 280 shower pipe combines all the possible desired components in a single system, including an overhead shower, hand shower, shower holder, thermostat and hose, while the additional Croma Select S Multi hand shower can offer extra flexibility with its three different spray modes.

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