Utopia    Launch 14 Jun 2017

in-toto delves into the surfaces sector with a collection of creative kitchen splashbacks


Luxury kitchen brand in-toto Kitchens’ has launched a collection of distinctive new splashback design that will cutely complement your kitchen. The sophisticated new styles include a white Metro tile-effect, and monochromatic beautiful brocade design.

The dramatic black and white is effectively eye-catching; its intricate pattern adds a focal point to any space and will enliven a contemporary kitchen scheme, particularly those which stick to a purely monochromatic palette. Try finishing this simple monochromatic scheme with vibrantly coloured accessories to jar against the simply coloured surroundings, or opt for a more subtle, luxurious look by pairing the brocade splashback with touches in copper and black.

The Metro White splashbacks and back panels in the range exude a modern and industrial charm. Metro tiles are hugely in demand currently for both the kitchen and bathroom, as their subtle style balances luxury and rustic influences, and are influenced by their namesake underground train system. Try pairing this splashback with a traditional wooden kitchen to give it a unique rough-luxe twist.

in-toto | intoto.co.uk