Utopia    Launch 01 Aug 2017

Tomas Kitchen Living’s latest launch shows us how to handle kitchen renovations


Tomas Kitchen Living have announced the launch of their brand new Skate and Scoop design collections. The bright and beautiful designs offer contemporary aesthetics and are characterised by their unique handle designs.

The charming collections are ideal for those wishing to add a splash of character to their kitchen without compromising on practicality. As its name suggests, the quirky Scoop kitchen is characterised by the ‘scooped-out’ shape on the cabinetry doors, which can be fitted with three different handle designs: a rounded handle in brushed steel, an elliptical curved handle and a sleek, straight-edge design. Alongside the cute and quirky tone the ‘scooped’ design gives to the kitchen, it also provides extra grasp space, to ensure for easy, comfortable opening.

For a more retro-inspired style, the Skate kitchen is packed with personality – putting a unique twist on contemporary handleless cabinetry, the Skate doors inset handless are crafted from a brushed metal and feature a cute, curved pill-shape aesthetic. The metal aesthetic works wonderfully against a painted or natural wood finished door, for this season’s sought-after retro style.

Tomas Kitchen Living | tomas-kitchen-living.co.uk