kb-network    Launch 20 Jun 2017

Tiling specialist, Techtile, launches ‘Scape’…paving the way with porcelain exterior tiling!

Tiling expert, Techtile, has launched a new porcelain tile brand for exterior locations! 

Suited for patios, steps, and landscape areas, the new collections include over 35 individual 20mm outdoor tiles to suit all spaces, including slate and wood effects. 

Plus, equivalent 10mm interior tiles are also available – making them an ideal match for open-plan living designs. 

Commenting on the new range, Techtile stated “Working with 20mm tile thickness allows landscapers to use their traditional installation methods of a semi-dry sand and cement mix base.” 

Natalie Arkell, director of the Scape brand, added “20mm porcelain is a relatively new material for exteriors in the UK, but design, landscaping, and architectural communities are already embracing it. The advantages of cutting edge tile design and technology, made possible by porcelain, far outweigh more traditional exterior tile materials.”

Scape Tiles | scapetiles.co.uk