Utopia    Launch 17 May 2017

Tile Mountain takes a trip to Morocco with its new Esenzia tile range


Styles from around the Mediterranean have topped the tile trends recently, especially those which embrace the rustic and authentic origins or Morocco. Putting a rough-luxe twist on this style, Tile Mountain’s newly launched Esenzia tile range utterly oozes Mediterranean charm. The tiles are crafted from ceramic and feature bold colours and intricate patterns that reflect their exotic inspirations.

The five pure coloured tiles within Tile Mountain’s new selection are dimensionally similar to metro tiles, allowing them to walk the line between two top styles: Mediterranean patterns and industrial metro designs. Ensenzia’s fabulous five feature Leaf green, Blue, Rose copper-red, Grey and White colourations. Thanks to their aged finish, the surface of each tile presents a gorgeous textural effect that will add authentic Mediterranean style to any suite.

Decadently patterned with a rough, rustic finish: the Fenice and Gondola tiles are the stars in this Esenzia collection. Their traditionally patterned aesthetics will make a perfect feature within a kitchen or bathroom and instantly transport you to exotic shores.

Tile Mountain | tilemountain.co.uk