kb-network    Launch 23 Jan 2018

Things are heating up – Four App-controlled Nordic heating products storm on to the UK market

Norwegian heating company Nordic has unveiled four new products; a contemporary convection heater with LED display; a new generation plug-in oil-filled radiator with ‘heat boost’ technology; and two easy-to-install, fully WIFI integrated panel heaters which can be controlled via an app.

The Mill SG2000LED is a 2000-watt electric convection heater with an integrated fan and sleek, LED display. It combines eye-catching, modern design and curved edges with impressive functionality, delivering three heat settings, rapid heating and silent operation.

Taking a fresh approach to traditional oil heating, the Mill AB-H2000DN is a 2000-watt output oil heater designed for larger rooms. It has an advanced day/night program, which enables the user to lower the temperature when not using the room. Unlike traditional oil heaters, Mill has created a patented Mill Heat Boost Technology design, which involves using a closed structure around the normal oil filled fins, forcing hot air to rise through the fins, increasing the speed of the hot air and delivering faster and more efficient heat distribution in the room.  Using heat boost technology, the AB-H2000DN is capable of heating a room up to 29% faster than a traditional oil filled radiator.

Controlled via the free Millheat App and set remotely, The NE800L WIFI is a compact, attractive, 800-watt output, easy-to-mount panel heater with a timer. For larger spaces, the NE1200 WIFI heater offers a higher output of 1200 watts and, like the smaller model offers the bonus of ‘vacation mode’ which allows the user to deliver a low level of heat whilst on holiday. Crucially, both models are compliant with Lot 20, the new EU legislation designed to remove inefficient technologies and reduce the energy used by products that heat our homes.

These products are now available to wholesalers and retailers and come with a two-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

Mill | millheat.co.uk