kb-network    Launch 19 Jul 2017

Techtile launch distinctive and industrial looking tile range that are inspired by drain covers

Techtile has announced the launch of its latest tile range that comes with a uniquely distinctive and industrial look. The 10mm thick tiles come in four colours that resemble different metallic effects such as black burnt steel, dark brown weathered steel, aluminium grey and a white enamelled sheet metal. Available in a matt or a textured décor finish with a choice of 8 pattern variations and a range of sizes.

James Arkell, who founded Techtile in 2011, said: “This ambitious metallic porcelain tile range has a simple, urban style with metallic colours and contrasting warm and cold materials. The base colours have a distinct texture of a lightly hammered matt finish to replicate a thin metal plate that has been straightened. The decorative items in the range command the real spotlight; eight cast iron structures inspired by drain covers from around the world give this range a unique appeal. It is ideal for large loft-style apartments, converted warehouses or modern commercial properties”

Techtile | techtilelondon.co.uk