kb-network    Launch 19 Apr 2017

Technology specialist, ArtiCAD, launches new month-by-month subscription model

Leading technology innovator and CAD software specialist, ArtiCAD-Pro, has announced the launch of its new month-by-month subscription scheme.

Launched as an alternative to its one-off licence fee, this new subscription method has been introduced in the aim of making the brand’s cutting-edge software as accessible as possible.

The new business model, offering contracts from one to five years, is available for any number of software licences and the number can be increased throughout the period of the contract if required. Additionally, ArtiCAD are not demanding a deposit for the scheme, meaning the client only pays for the requisite training course.

Speaking about the introduction of the new scheme, director of ArtiCAD Theresa Turner stated “We are continually working towards making our approach and our services as flexible as possible. The new subscription model is our latest offering, and the early reaction is very positive.”

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