kb-network    Launch 28 Jun 2017

Tapware specialist, Perrin & Rowe, adds the timeless ‘Celeste’ design into its ‘Instant Hot’ collection

Perrin & Rowe, one of the largest manufacturers of authentic kitchen and bathroom products in Great Britain, has introduced the beautiful ‘Celeste’ design into its Instant Hot Tap Collection. 

Perfect for hot drinks, cooking, food preparation, as well as cleaning, the Celeste Instant Hot Mixer benefits from classic styling but with the latest cutting edge technology, offering up-to 98ºC steaming hot filtered water instantly, as well as hot and cold water. 

Designed, engineered, and produced in Great Britain using the highest quality raw materials, each Perrin & Rowe Celeste Instant Hot Mixer features the brand’s innovative ‘Anti-Scald’ locking mechanism, meaning the boiling water cannot be accidentally dispensed. 

In addition to its excellent safety features, the product’s Nano-technology cartridge not only filters the water, but also prevents limescale build up, making for a truly reliable product. 

The new Celeste is available in Chrome, Pewter, or Nickel, as well as five special finishes including: 24 Carat Gold, English Bronze, Polished Brass, Satin Brass, and Aged Brass which will develop a unique patina over time as it reacts with its environment.

Perrin & Rowe | perrinandrowe.co.uk