Utopia    Launch 20 Jun 2017

Take a dip into the depths of Lundhs Blue – a perfect interior or poolside feature

In this glorious weather, we all want to soak up the summer and truly embrace the holiday spirit. Lundhs Blue stone will make the perfect interior or poolside flooring or cladding; its crystal-made blue surface will sparkle like the sea and remind you of summer no matter the season.

Lundhs Blue’s serene oasis look is crafted from a unique blend of feldspar crystals, which are bought to life by sunshine reflecting off them. Shown here, stone inside the pool has been given a highly polished finish, encouraging the trio of stone, water and sunlight to create a menagerie of beautiful blue hues that dance across the water’s surface, while the exterior stones feature a silk matte finish.

Larvikite, a naturally crafted material that dates back 300 million years, makes up the body of Lundhs Blue. The stone is uniquely quarried on the Southern Coast of Norway, in its namesake town Larvik. Lundhs has combined this natural durable stone with elegant blue feldspar crystals to make for a stunning shimmering surface. Thanks to the extremely low adsorption properties of Lundhs blue, it is perfectly suited to application in the bathroom or a pool area.

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