Utopia    Launch 02 Jun 2017

Sussex collaborates with Adelaide based jeweller Cassandra Mamone to create stunning bejewelled taps


Australian bespoke brassware manufacturers Sussex teamed up with jeweller Casandra Mamone to craft a unique collection of truly opulent diamond-set taps.  The story of their partnership began with director Vanessa Katsanevakis’ search for the perfect engagement ring. “I found Cassandra on Instagram and was instantly drawn to her dedication to craftsmanship and beauty. Her uncompromising quality is exactly what we do here at Sussex,” said Vanessa.

Vanessa wanted the taps to stand as the ultimate luxury fittings; taking inspiration from the twilight time of evening – which exudes a natural opulence in itself – and utilising the shape and style of Sussex’s pre-existing Calibre collection, Sussex and Cassandra created diamond designs which are arranged to replicate star constellations on each tap.

Though these taps obviously exude luxury, the manufacturers do not overlook sympathy and sustainability. Sussex is the only Australian tapware manufacturer with its own foundry that sustainably recycles the precious metal shavings that are created as a by-product of the objects they create.

These star-studded and sustainably made taps will add a little luxury to any home. “Our collaboration with Cassandra illustrates what’s possible when like- minded craftspeople come together to explore how everyday objects can become pieces of art,” she says.

Sussex | sussextaps.com.au