kb-network    Launch 23 Jun 2017

Surface supplier, IDS, states its new Fenix NTM is “at the forefront of worksurface technology”

IDS has launched an ex-stock range of worktops, breakfast bars, and island units featuring the ultra-matt and revolutionary nanotechnology surface material ‘Fenix NTM’. 

Created using pioneering technology, Fenix NTM uses acrylic resins mixed with nanotech particles and colour pigment that is electron beam cured at high speed to create its sealed, smooth, matt surface and thermal healing capability. 

Marrying superior aesthetics with high performance, Fenix NTM® enables superficial micro-scratches to be thermally healed by simply rubbing with a sponge or applying gentle heat. The surface does not reflect light and is smooth to the touch, yet does not leave unsightly fingerprints.

Additionally, it is also hygienic and easy to clean, with anti-bacterial properties and no on-going maintenance required, making it a surface that can work hard in any kitchen. 

Fenix NTM is available in six colours: Bianco Alaska, Beige Luxor, Castoro Ottawa, Grigio Londra(pictured), Grigio Bromo, and Nero Ingo.

Fenix Surfaces | fenixworksurfaces.com