Utopia    Launch 31 May 2017

Sun, secrecy and Sexy Fish – the experience of InSinkErator’s top secret launch and lunch event

Receiving a top secret invitation is something which would encourage even the most solemn and dignified of us to sift out our deerstalker caps and pen the digits ‘007’ over our business cards. Fortunately, the InSinkErator marketing and PR team had slightly less dangerous plans in mind, though no less luxurious or high-profile.

The Sexy Fish restaurant, Berekely Square, London, certainly paid homage to its truly original name. The exterior walls were clad with flowers, while the basement dining area presented walls of real aquariums – the largest live coral aquariums in the world – filled with an array of tropical fish. The renowned restaurant played host to trades people and reporters from across the kitchen and bathroom sector, and we were treated to a creative cuisine including a decadent starter of baby spinach, blood orange and fried Yuba; smoked mushroom Gyoza Umboshi and an undeniably delectable four chocolate and praline tart.

Two podiums, situated either side of the dining area, were bought to attention mid-meal when material veils were drawn away to dramatically unveil InSinkErator’s new J Shape 3N1 hot tap in an opulent rose gold finish. The traditionally curved shape and warm pink-gold hue give the highly functional piece a definite feminine edge, meaning it could work well in any contemporary kitchen, especially set against a neutral scheme which would allow its luxurious looks to become the focal point of the space.


The combination of the company’s imaginative launch, unique location and incomparable menu, alongside the unveiling of the J Shape 3N1 tap, ensured this event was one to remember!

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