Utopia    Launch 31 Jul 2017

Strong, dark and rugged – Caesarstone adds sex-appeal to the kitchen with attractive Rugged Concrete colouration


Caesarstone’s deliciously daring colour creation is sure to make kitchens a little saucier.

The manufacturer and leading quartz specialist has successfully applied its knowledge of emerging trends with a range of four new worktop colour options for its UK collection.  The four new colours: 4033 Rugged Concrete, 5043 Montblanc, 6046 Moorland Fog and 6313 Turbine Grey range from a classic light and luxurious marble, to deep rippled shades of grey.

The latest launch from the company: 4033 Rugged Concrete is certainly making waves in the KB industry. Concrete is a huge trend for contemporary interiors and is the perfect addition to an industrial scheme. A collection of deep, moody hues, including greys, whites and blacks, were moulded together to create a very raw and rustic look, with a depth of texture. The concrete Series is definitely not for the feint hearted homeowner; its creative textural aesthetic, bold colours and variety of quirky finished are sure to make a statement. But, surprisingly, this deep colour combination doesn’t have to dominate your kitchen – consider combining this deep moody hue with a selection of lighter pastel shades to create an interesting colour juxtaposition, or keep to a darker palette with plenty of texture, and possibly some raw wood, if you’re a fan of true industrial-style designs.


“There is a real shift towards contemporary style statements in the home and the right worktop product has a huge impact in any space given its large surface area,” said Amir Reske, Managing Director of Caesarstone UK. “Our new colours are designed to not only look beautiful in the home but to also inspire the overall look and aesthetic of a room – whether it is paying homage to the natural veins of marble and granite, or the rough-hewn, industrial aesthetic of Concrete. Our new colours have been designed to challenge the norms of interior design.”

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