Designer    Launch 08 May 2017

Striking geometric shapes make an impact in Scavolini’s new Motus kitchen range, available from Multiliving

The focal point of Scavolini’s new Motus kitchen is a striking central island. It features a slanted geometric profile and intriguing half-and-half weight balance. The near side is a cantilevered end, supported by metal legs, while the far edge boasts a strong solid base – creating the perfect balance between durability and weightlessness.

The Motus island’s creative angled drawers feature a handleless aesthetic which enhances their slanted shape. Push opening cabinetry continues this handleless theme and achieves a furniture-like aesthetic, allowing the open-plan space to flow seamlessly from kitchen to living area. To add a final homely touch, a veneered oak worktop and wooden accessories inject warmth into the Slate grey and White cabinetry scheme.

The Motus kitchen is available in a range of colours and finishes, including a sleek glass lacquer.

“With the move towards larger, open plan kitchens, an island has become the “must have” feature of most modern kitchens. Islands provide extra prep space and form a boundary between the cooking zone and the living/dining area. The Motus kitchen works to bring the kitchen and living room together and does it in the uncompromisingly stylish and innovative way we expect from Scavolini.”

Brani Hadzhi of Multiliving, the Scavolini flagship store in London.



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