kb-network    Launch 20 Jun 2017

Stoneham Kitchens reveals its brand new expansive range of kitchen furniture colours!

Stoneham Kitchens, high-end kitchen design specialist, has revealed an extensive range of brand new shades to its furniture colour palette. 

Featuring an impressive scope of neutral shades, on-trend darker hues, and wooden-effect patterns, the new colour collection is sure to cater to every taste. 

Colours included in the new collection are Bleached Oak, High-Gloss Champagne, Super Matte Cashmere, and Hickory Draft – created in mind of those who often opt for a more subtle colour scheme. 

However, for the bold designer and homeowner, Stoneham’s new vibrant colours such as Black Oak, Pentimento, and Super Matt Fjord, certainly pack a punch! 

Commenting on the brand’s latest announcement, Adrian Stoneham, managing director, remarked “We’re delighted to be able to offer our customers even more choice when it comes to colours for their kitchen. 

“We’ve opted for an especially extensive range of shades in our ‘super matt’ finish, as this more contemporary choice is currently proving very popular amongst our customers.”

Stoneham Kitchens | stonehamkitchens.co.uk