kb-network    Launch 10 May 2017

Stone Federation announces the launch of the 2017/18 Natural Stone Source Book

Designed to be both inspirational and educational, Stone Federation has launched a brand new specifiers guide for 2017/18.

The new guide, titled Natural Stone Source Book: A Specifiers’ Guide, provides all the information and visual stimulation required for successful completion of a natural stone project including lists of; quarry operators, stone suppliers, repair and restoration experts, stone cleaning specialists, design consultants, expert witnesses, stone sealant manufacturers and stone contractors.

In addition to the new information, the book also includes a full directory of all the Stone Federation’s members, as well as the 2016 Natural Stone Awards brochure.

Commenting on the new guide, the Stone Federation stated “We work hard to position ourselves as the source point for all things stone, and the Natural Stone Source Book is just one of the way in which we connect architects, designers, specifiers, local authorities, contractors and clients with the best natural stone firms.”

Stone Federation | stonefed.org.uk