Designer    Launch 22 Aug 2017

Stone age – Lundhs turns back time with its new Antique Real Stone collection

A blend of blue and brown crystals enlivens the near-black surface of this kitchen worktop, crafted from Lundhs’ newly launched Antique Real Stone. Making a dramatic statement in this kitchen, the Lundhs Antique Stone tops the far end of the central island, while the near end – which also acts as a breakfast bar – is topped with a warm wooden worktop.

Though dramatically different in tone and texture, the wood and stone surfaces neatly complement one another, with the warm golden-brown hues of the wood being reflected through the brown crystals interweaved within the natural surface of Lundhs Antique Stone. Additionally, the scattering of crystals adds a luxurious edge to the naturally-textured worktop.

The company’s newest stone collection makes for a striking worktop. It is crafted from a completely natural material, called Anorthosite which was naturally created over 1,000 million years ago on the west coast of Norway, where this type of indigenous rock is formed by the cooling of molten magma. This natural stone boasts a myriad of practical properties including high water, scratch, UV and stain resistance.

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