Designer    Launch 28 Jul 2017

Space heroes – Schmidt’s newly launched storage solutions will provide homeowners with galaxies of space

Donning their astronaut suits, the design team at Schmidt have launched space-saving solutions to help homeowners across the globe tackle their kitchen storage.

First in the two new collections: Jumbo, provides practical extra deep units. Upgrading from the standard 57.5cm depth, the jumbo collection features a capacious depth of 70cm, providing a 30% increase in volume. In turn, this increases the size of the worktop from 62.5cm to a generous 74.5cm depth – providing users with increased space for food preparation, cooking and serving.

The Sesame collection (featured) is the second, but by no means secondary, newly launched storage solution. The innovative drop-down model is designed to be installed at the rear of wall cabinets, which, though absorbs a small amount of depth from the cabinet, provides an ingenious secret storage area. Operated through electronic controls, the compartment drops down when required before seamlessly hiding itself away afterwards. The telescopic unit offers a choice of one or two shelving levels that can be utilised for kitchen essentials, or be integrated into a dining or living area, and help homeowners maintain a clutter-free zone.

Both solutions are available in a wide variety of finishes and styles, to ensure every space and taste is catered for.

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