kb-network    Launch 09 Oct 2017

Sleek & discreet – Caple’s new downdraft extractor offers lower sound levels and touch controls

The new DD522BK modular downdraft extractor from Caple features a stainless-steel frame and black glass flip panel.

This downdraft extracts from both sides making it easy for installing between modular gas or electric hobs. Featuring white, illuminated touch controls and it integrates seamlessly within the worktop when not in use, for an unobtrusive and easy to clean finish. The DD522BK lowers sound levels and increases the pressure for improved motor performance. It has four speeds and an auto timer, which ensures extraction continues for up to ten minutes after cooking is complete. A choice of four motors is available for use with this downdraft extractor, which has an energy rating of A-C and extraction rate of 478–1575m3/h depending on the motor chosen.

Speaking of the new launch, Caple product manager Luke Shipway says: “Perfect for use with modular hobs, which can be mixed and matched to suit individual requirements, our new DD522BK will add a sleek, professional look to your kitchen. Unobtrusive when not in use, the flip panel tilts to provide discreet, effective extraction when required.”

Caple | caple.co.uk