Utopia    Launch 09 Jun 2017

Skinwall gets personal with customisable wallpaper options that will be sure to suit your style

We all love wallpaper, as although it can be seen as a less practical and durable option for wall cladding, the design possibilities are practically infinite. Skinwall has developed the artistic possibilities of its wallpaper designs with a new option for homeowners to completely customise their wallpaper.

Skinwall’s company website will allow you to choose a design from its existing catalogue and then personalise it to suit your style and space. Adapt the paper to the exact measurements you require, up to a maximum of 9 metres in width and 5.4 metres in height. So once size and style are selected, you can then customise your wallpaper’s graphic design and send off the final project to be evaluated by the company’s design team before receiving confirmation that your dream design is a realistic possibility.

The company commented: “It is nothing short of a revolution, testifying to all the cosmopolitan, elegant magic of Skinwall. Skinwall doesn’t just create products, but an all-round sensory experience in which “bespoke” is art.”

Skinwall | skinwall.it