Designer    Launch 13 Jun 2017

Silestone® N-Boost technology is revolutionising solid surfaces through its incredible practical and aesthetic qualities

The new Silestone® N-Boost technology developed by world-renowned surfaces manufacturers: Cosentino is revolutionising the solid surfaces market. Created specifically for use on Cosentino’s quartz Silestone surfaces, the N-Boost modifies the material at a molecular level to enhance the light reflective qualities and further achieve a greater intensity of colour and surface brightness, while also making the cleaning and maintenance even easier.

The N-Boost also boasts water-repellent properties and excellent stain resistance, while the molecular modification of the properties of the quartz also alters the surface tension to eliminate the micro-porosity caused by the polishing process. Practically, Silestone still maintains its resistance to impact and scratches, and is easily customised in size and shape.

Cosentino’s Silestone Eternal range (featured) is the first on the market to feature N-Boost, and it will later be included in a wider variety of Cosentino’s striking surfaces.

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