kb-network    Launch 13 Oct 2017

Siemens Home Appliances announce two new product integrations

Launching this month, Amazon Dash Replenishment integration with the Siemens dishwasher tab counter feature will make last-minute trips to the shops a thing of the past.

Simply activate Dash Replenishment when setting up a dishwasher in the Home Connect app to enable automatic reordering of dishwasher detergent tablets via your Amazon account when you’re running low. Not only can you now automatically reorder your dishwasher tabs via Amazon, more Siemens connected appliances can now be controlled via voice. Providing customers with innovative, state-of-the-art technology that will help save time in day-to-day life, revolutionising household tasks to become easy and intuitive to fit around a busy life. Amazon Alexa is a cloud-based voice service that, with the Home Connect platform, can control Siemens appliances.

Gaelle Thibaud, Siemens Group Marketing Manager, said: “Working with Amazon allows us to further enrich consumers’ lives with the exciting possibilities that technology has to offer. We can see the connected home growing at an exceptional rate over the coming years and this partnership allows us to help the future move in. It is an incredible opportunity for both Siemens and Amazon to deliver new initiatives for the smart home of the future.”

Daniel Rausch, Vice President, Smart Home at Amazon, said: “We’re very excited to work with Siemens Home Appliances to help customers make the most out of their smart appliances and free up time. Alexa and DRS in Siemens appliances will make life easier for customers—whether it’s by automatically reordering much-needed supplies like dishwasher tablets before you know you’ve run out, or pre-heating your oven with a simple voice command as you unload groceries.”

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