kb-network    Launch 28 Jun 2017

Shower and tapware specialist, Methven, releases its new cool-to-touch bar shower range

Global designer and manufacturer of premium showers and tapware, Methven, has officially launched two new cool-to-touch shower models, the ‘Waipori’ (pictured) and ‘Savvi’.

Designed to ensure the bar values never get warmer than ‘mixed-water temperature’, Methven’s new range ensures a super-safe showering experience for the whole family.

Additionally, the new collection also features adjustable thermostatic controls to allow users to maintain their preferred water temperature setting and also set a 38ºC temperature hot stop default safety setting to prevent scalding.

Both the Waipori and Savvi bar showers come with easy-fit connectors which allow them to be retro fitted to existing holes, enabling a quick and easy installation, ensuring perfect alignment, and a water tight seal.

Speaking on the new range, Martin Walker, CEO at Methven UK, stated “With the rise in intergenerational living, and the fact that the UK population is currently living longer than ever before, it’s never been more important for showers to be safe for every family member to use.

“Our new cool-to-touch models are suitable for both young and elderly users, combining safety with stylish good looks and the latest showering technologies, to give users an invigorating showering experience, and we’re delighted to introduce them to the UK market.”

Methven | methven.com