Utopia    Launch 13 Apr 2017

Seamless stone – Artisans of Devizes new Plateau bespoke shower trays are crafted from solid stone


Stone experts, Artisans of Devizes’ new Plateau shower trays are entirely bespoke and utterly beautiful. Each tray is crafted from a single solid slab of stone, the type and texture of which is entirely your choice. The shower trays are hand carved with a gentle fall shape, allowing the waste outlet to be positioned anywhere on the tray.

Typically, the Plateau tray will be approximately 1,000mm x 1,300mm and 30mm thick, though larger trays can be crafted to suit spaces where thickness is not an issue. Each tray is also supplied with a linear slot waste system, and homeowners may choose from a bushed stainless steel or bronze grill, in a square or circular design.

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