Designer    Launch 08 Mar 2017

Scavolini take inspiration from the Laundry room in their new fusion bathroom design

Scavolini introduce the ‘Laundry Space’ concept, merging laundry rooms with bathrooms to form one modular design.

Resulting from the desire to offer the public the ability to furnish their bathroom in an organised and functional manner, the ‘Laundry Space’ restyles the typical elements of a laundry room. Incorporating these ideas with the modularity of the Rivo, Aquo, Lagu and Idro collections, this design offers a stylish and organised open plan space.

Designed with a wide range of solutions, the ‘Laundry Space’ includes tops, a drying rack, ironing board, pull-out trolleys and storage units.

Additionally, the new project can also be combined with Scavolini’s ‘Fluida’ wall system, enabling the homeowner to create a truly personalised wardrobe space.


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