Designer    Launch 10 May 2017

Scavolini makes open-plan possible for smaller space, with the company’s new Fluida collection

The Fluida living system, from Scavolini by Multiliving allows for a compact kitchen to merge seamlessly from the kitchen area to the living room – crafting a light open-plan aesthetic, without overpowering the room and creating a cramped, dark or cluttered tone.

Fluida is presented here in a duo of colours to visibly delineate between the living and cooking zones, though the open shelving allows for a soft flow from one area to the next – ensuring the room works cohesively as a whole. The contrasting colours and cabinet sizes available in the modular system equally create visual interest and ample storage space; while the vast range of colours, materials and finishes Scavolini’s Fluida system is available in, ensures it will assimilate smoothly with the wider interior scheme.

“Many of our clients are very keen on open plan living, especially in flats, where space is often at a premium,” comments Brani Hadzhi of Scavolini Store by Multiliving. “We love the Fluida range because it is flexible and uses colour to cleverly create different zones, which can really make a difference in a small room.”

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