Designer    Launch 21 Apr 2017

Scavolini launches the Magnifica range – introducing old school glamour into the bathroom

Daringly blending gold and black, the primary colour of the Magnifica range are not often seen combined in the contemporary bathroom. But luxury has had a come back – the lavish design from Scavolini is now available from the company’s UK flagship store, Multiliving, in West Hampstead, London.

Black storage units with delicate gold detailing and curved gold legs provide ample practical storage space, while also appearing as dramatically monolithic in height – adding an edgy twist to the traditionally opulent scheme. The black sink starkly contrast against their golden hued bases, while the polished gold bar handles on the sink drawers match those employed on the black cabinetry – this draws the pieces together, to create a cohesive look.

“The black Magnifica bathroom is an ultra-glamorous range of bathroom cabinets, cupboards and vanity units. Mixing the tall black cabinets with the gold curves of the vanity units makes this a highly desirable range for anyone looking for a touch of contemporary Hollywood glamour,” says Brani Hadzhi of Multiliving.

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