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Roper Rhodes utilise bathroom technology trend with their new range of mirrors and cabinets

Founded in 1979 Roper Rhodes is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of bathroom products, with a dedicated in-house design team. With the world of technology evolving every day and playing a part in most peoples’ lives, Roper Rhodes has played their part in the technology trend.


Their new range of mirrors and cabinets have been meticulously designed by the company’s in-house design team to introduce useful hi-tech features such as Bluetooth wireless technology, which allows you to listen to music or Internet radio through integrated stereo speakers by simply pairing the mirror or cabinet with a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Roper Rhodes’ incredible collection of mirrors and cabinets come in a wide range of sizes, styles and configurations to provide something to suit every requirement and style of bathroom.


Like many of the mirrors and cabinets in Roper Rhodes’ portfolio, the Bluetooth enabled models to utilise the latest LED technology, which creates a premium, boutique hotel look and provides bright and practical task lighting, which is vital in every bathroom. Helping you reduce your electricity bills, the LED lighting has energy saving benefits and can also be used as a mood or night-light. Other thoughtful design features you can expect to find on many Roper Rhodes’ mirrors and cabinets include heated demister pads, which keep the glass clear by preventing it from steaming up, touch-free, infrared switches to allow you to turn the lighting on and off with just a wave of your hand and recharging sockets suitable for electric shavers and toothbrushes.


Helen Shaw, Roper Rhodes’ marketing manager, says: “The bathroom has become so much more than a purely functional space. It has transformed into a heavenly retreat where you can relax and unwind and essentially embrace the wellness trend. As a result, demand continues to increase for multi-functional mirrors and cabinets that utilise the latest technology to provide useful functions that will enhance this bathing experience.”

Roper Rhodes | roperrhodes.co.uk