Utopia    Launch 11 Jan 2018

Ritmonio launches its latest collaborative collection, the beautiful Tie, Tip, Tab trio  


Born from the collaboration between bathroom specialist Ritmonio and designers Lana and Savettiere, the beautiful brassware trio: Tie, Tip and Tab, balances superb functionality with elegant Italian styling, that is synonymous with the Ritmonio brand.

The Tie series, as the name suggests, recalls the knot of a tie, with the lever gently curling away from its base. The Tip taps, in comparison, feature almost triangular, soft levers, with rounded ends, and the Tab models boast a more traditional lever shape – beginning with a circular base and pulling out to a linear handle, following the exact shape of the spout.

The Tie, Tip and Tab designs are each available in four distinct finishes: chrome, brushed chrome, black chrome and brushed black chrome. Alongside sophisticated shapes and iconic finishes, the brassware trio is also available in Ecoplus versions, which limit the water flow to nine litres per minute, helping in reducing your daily water consumption and being respectful of the environment.

Ritmonio | ritmonio.it