kb-network    Launch 05 May 2017

Ritmonio launches the ‘Capsule’ bathroom tap collection in collaboration with Studio Micheli

Ritmonio and Studio Micheli have teamed up to form the exclusive ‘Capsule’ bathroom tap collection, a design focused on concrete’s versatility.

Previewed at the Milan Design Week, the new range exhibits the various uses of concrete within bathroom concepts, including an innovative concrete Haptic handle design.

Finished against a modern metal spout design, this collection is an ideal addition to any industrial fusion interior with its beautiful blend of the smart stainless steel metal against the natural and coarse concrete.

Commenting on his design, Simone Micheli stated “The Capsule collection Haptic series is elegant, smart and innovative; it portrays a fluid but well-defined shape, characterised by sleek and clean features. Functionality and high aesthetic value blend together to create a well-designed product in every detail. It is an avant-garde reinterpretation, that invites direct contact, action and exchange.”

Ritmonio | ritmonio.it