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Refrigeration specialist, LEC, has added five new chest freezers to its product portfolio

Refrigeration specialist, LEC, has announced the addition of five new models into its collection of cooling and freezing appliances. 

The five models range in capacity from 100 to 300 litres and are designed to “accommodate the needs of all consumers, from large families, to those living alone or requiring extra freezing space.” 

The CF100L MK2 and CF150L MK2 boast a net capacity of 99 litres and 142 litres, respectively, while the CF200L offers a more generous net capacity of 199 litres.

However, for those desiring maximum storage and flexibility the CF350L and CF300L are ideal products which will ensure all your freezing needs are met.

All new additions feature easy-to-use enhanced electronic temperature controls, enabling users to choose their exact desired temperature, plus a new-and-improved moulded plastic basket to make sure all your smaller foodstuffs don’t disappear! 

Commenting on the new range, head of category for refrigeration at Glen Dimplex Home Appliances, Stuart Netscher said “Demand for our chest freezers has increased, so we wanted to expand and improve our line-up by introducing new models offering a broad range of capacities. 

“We have also taken the opportunity to improve the specification of our chest freezers, introducing a number of new features designed to further improve appliance performance.”

LEC | lec.co.uk