Designer    Launch 09 Mar 2018

Could this record player – Gianluca Paludi’s Vinyl, for Olympia – revitalize bathroom design?

Though visually deceiving, this is not a record player from the 1980’s – it is a work of art for the bathroom, designed by Gianluca Paludi for Olympia. As well as the obvious aesthetic appeal, the ‘Vinyl’ contains a myriad of hidden functionalities:

  • The spinning platter and vinyl compose the recessed basin, with the platter’s axis being a tiny drainage hole.
  • The tonearm – complete with a realistic counterweight at the opposite end to the stylus – constitute the mixer and spout.
  • The two volume control knobs actually regulate the pressure and temperature of the water.
  • The LED-illuminated mirror replicates the display of a music equalizer.
  • The storage drawer hosts a Bluetooth speaker, indicated by the perforations on the front.
  • The frame below houses a tempered glass shelf, a towel rail and a leather bag; providing plentiful storage for toiletries and accessories.

Vinyl balances the beauty of modern functionality, with a retro twist – packed with personality and providing the perfect nostalgia for music-lovers.

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