Designer    Launch 26 Jul 2017

Rayburn range cookers take control of home heating while still cooking a perfect roast

Sprinkling a little multifunctional magic into homes across the country, the Rayburn range cookers – created by Aga – combine incredible cooking performance with the ability to simultaneously heat the home.

The range of Rayburn cookers are an attractive solution to provide both perfect cooking creations in the kitchen, while heating the home – beneath the traditional exterior resides an efficient heating system – with the smallest cookers heating enough water for two or three radiators, and the largest models being able to fill up to 20 radiators.

The cookers incorporate Aga’s renowned functionality, the largest cast-iron hot plate on the market and two cast-iron ovens. And, for the discerning homeowner, the Rayburn range can be powered by gas, oil or solid fuel – perfectly apt for those with a penchant for traditional kitchen cooking. Equally, the Rayburn has been awarded an A efficiency rating for its gas and oil operation, making them an arguably economic and eco-conscious selection.

A multitude of modern functions, tasteful traditional looks and a rich heritage of appliance innovation come together in this elegant Rayburn cooker. Could this truly traditional cooker make unsightly boilers a thing of the past?

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