Designer    Launch 23 Aug 2017

The Radiator Company’s new Galvanised finishes balance modern industrial-style metallics with a warm, homely appeal   

The Radiator Company, a brand under the IRSAP umbrella – a respected Italian radiator manufacturer – has developed a creative new finish that will allow its stylish collection of home radiators to suit any contemporary kitchen. Each piece in the design-led Ancona range boasts a classic column shape, traditionally welded feet and water-valve-style controls to boot. Though truly a traditional style, this columned aesthetic perfectly intertwines with the evolving industrial trend.

Industrial in style, and warm to both look and touch, the latest Galvanised finish is available exclusively on The Radiator Company’s Ancona collection. Ranging from the warm hues of Antique Copper, which combines a blend of rose gold, red and bronze hues to the golden tones of Antique Brass and the cool, contemporary Satin Nickel colourway.

“Produced in a five-stage process, the galvanisation occurs through dipping sections of the radiator in a liquid that contains the metal particles,” the company explained. “The metal particles are then deposited on the radiator through electrolysis and then finished by hand to complete the stunning look.”

Complementing the columned design of the Ancona radiators beautifully, the Galvanised finishes are an easy way to integrate industrial-style metallics into a kitchen space, while still maintaining a warm, homely tone that will stay in style for years to come.

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