Designer    Launch 04 Aug 2017

Quooker changes the game – adding innovative new functionality to its renowned hot tap

The launch of the new Quooker Flex tap has totally changed the game in the hot tap market, with an innovative new function that combines the must have elements of a kitchen mixer with the renowned functionality of its boiling water tap.

Quooker Flex features three optional temperatures and a new pull-out flex hose that can deliver both warm and cold water with absolute accuracy – enhancing the versatility of original Quooker tap immeasurably.

The product also features an integrated filter to deliver cold filtered drinking water on demand. And, to ensure safety remains paramount when the hose function is in use, the tap will not deliver boiling water, thanks to the company’s unique integrated boiling water safety device. Similarly to Quooker’s Fusion model, the Flex tap can be operated by a double push and turn handle, with a warning light to indicate water temperature, and can be directed in any manner thanks to a 270º rotation.

“Obviously, we don’t want anyone to be holding a hose which delivers boiling water,” says Stephen Johnson, Managing Director of Quooker UK, “but we do want to give our customers the flexibility, quite literally, of being able to direct cold or warm water wherever they want it, to help with tasks such as cleaning salad leaves or taking food residue off plates and pans before washing.  That’s why we have created a best of both worlds in the four-in-one Quooker Flex; an ultra-safe boiling water tap combined with a truly versatile mixer tap.  And by adding our new integrated water filter, we have actually created a five-in one tap to provide drinking water as well.  This new appliance is bound to delight the UK’s kitchen owners.”

Consider pairing the new Quooker Flex with the company’s trusted COMBI system, which can deliver hot, cold and 100°C boiling water all from a single cold feed, for reduced energy bills and water wastage.

The Quooker Flex model comes in the company’s striking Nordic Round design, and is available in a choice of chrome or stainless steel finishes.

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