Designer    Launch 07 Feb 2018

New Suvie cook-bot provides compact cooking and cooling, thanks to smart technology

The Suvie system was developed by Robin Liss, former CEO and Founder of, and Kevin Incorvia, a former Apple Engineer and Software Architect. They were inspired to create the Suvie system because, like so many people, they wanted healthy, wholesome meals made from fresh ingredients but rarely had the time to cook.

“We designed Suvie to completely revolutionise dinner and to take the guesswork, stress, and time out of cooking,” says Robin Liss, Founder and CEO of Suvie. “We were determined to create a system that would provide users with both convenience and amazingly mouth-watering food. And with Suvie, we’ve done just that.”

Suvie is a WiFi-enabled multi-zone cooker and refrigerator that turns four individual food components (proteins, vegetables, starches, and sauces) into beautifully cooked, restaurant quality gourmet meals on-demand via a smart phone or tablet. Suvie is unlike anything else on the market, thanks to its in-built technology that keeps each component of a meal perfectly refrigerated until it’s time to automatically start cooking. Using patent-pending technology, the Suvie appliance’s four independent cooking zones – sous vide, steaming, boiling, and warming – ensure an impeccably prepared meal that’s ready exactly for the time users have scheduled either directly on the appliance or via the app.

A Kickstarter pre-sale campaign will launch in early February with the first Suvie appliances shipping December 2018 for $599. Early Kickstarter backers will enjoy exclusive discounts.


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