Utopia    Launch 12 Sep 2017

This new Metz Graphite design from Caple will add an urban edge to your kitchen 


Dark greys are a making a huge hit in the kitchen currently; the lustrous near-black hues can create a sophisticated grunge-like look without being overbearing – whether, in a matt or high shine finish, Graphite greys works great when partnered with a brighter, contrasting colour.

Caple has recently announced the launch of its new Metz Graphite kitchen, which, following the trend for deep greys, employs a gorgeous Graphite grey high-shine lacquered finish across the cabinetry and island. Teaming the deeper colour with a Teal statement wall, pale wood flooring, a honey-toned wooden breakfast bar and table and a selection of brightly colour accessories make for a truly eclectic scheme.

Caple’s furniture manager Doug Haswell says: “Dark grey is currently proving popular in contemporary kitchen design. Our new Metz Graphite cabinets feature a high-gloss lacquer, which will help to bounce light around the room, making it the perfect choice for smaller kitchen sizes.”

To craft a more toned down aesthetic, consider juxtaposing the grungy Graphite grey with one of the six other available colours in the collection: Ash, Fern, Ivory, Ocean, Savanna or White. And, to add a shapely twist, Caple also offer curved and concave doors that will help add a personal touch, for a different kitchen style.

Caple | caple.co.uk