Utopia    Launch 21 Jun 2017

This new Metallic Marble from Versital will take your bathroom from ordinary to opulent

Versital has recently announced the launch of tis Metallic Marbles collection. The luxurious range is comprised of a trio of metallic and marble-inspired claddings. The three striking designs available are: Copper Stratos, which features a white marble backdrop, interspersed with metallic copper veining and shimmers flecks. Gold Stratos similarly features a simple backdrop, and is characterised by the opulent gold veining that glistens against the light in the bathroom. Silver Stratos gives a contemporary twist to this range, its blend of silvery grey hues will make a decadent yet modern accent in the bathroom.

The stone resin, which crafts the body of the Metallic Marbles range form Versital has been manufactured by hand, and balances both beauty and practicality. The material’s durable qualities include an 100% non-porous waterproof surface and stain resistance, alongside an anti-slip coating for its bespoke shower trays.

Gemma Stockberger from Versital explained the inspiration behind this striking collection: “In the past year the trend for rose golds, coppers and precious metals in the home has been at the forefront of interior design in both residential and commercial sectors. We are excited to have developed a stunning formula that incorporates these colours in a beautifully subtle way. By blending luxurious Mica pigments with our signature cultured marble we have created ‘faux’ veining that represents the beautiful complexity of marble and takes the metallic look one step further.”

But this luxurious look isn’t purely dedicated to the bathroom; as the company name suggests Versital’s Metallic Marbles collection is extremely versatile and can be used for worktops, table tops, bar surfaces, alongside its ultimate luxury shower compilations: a bespoke shower tray, panel and enclosure can be crafted from elements of the Metallic Marble material.

Versital | versital.co.uk