Utopia    Launch 05 May 2017

The new Finsbury kitchen furniture collection, from Daval, encompasses elegance and style


Daval’s contemporary Finsbury kitchen collection will be available from 1st June this year. It features an elegant linear aesthetic, achieving excellence in both form and function.

The Finsbury kitchen is shown here in a delightful Dove grey, with aluminium handless profiles. In contrast to the pale, almost luminescent island, the Finsbury overhead wall unit appears here in deep Steel grey, which jars against the other lighter hues and adds a contemporary twist to the feminine scheme.  The collection is also available in both of the company’s new finishes: Silver and Steel – the metallic nature of these new finishes help to define and sharpen elements of the kitchen, enhancing its linear nature.

The kitchen is crafted from sustainable UV lacquered materials and is all built made-to-measure and made-to-order.

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