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Neolith answers the timeless monochromatic trend with their marble inspired ‘Nero Marquina’

Neolith® Nero Marquina is an answer to a timeless monochromatic trend that transcends interior design, fashion and architecture. Inspired by marble from Spain, Nero Marquina is a testament to TheSize’s technical expertise present.

To achieve bright white veining on a pure black backdrop is a task testing enough on paper, but for a Sintered Stone, a new technical avenue is entered. For this challenge, TheSize has developed an exclusive technique to achieve the stark contrast and distinct fine lines.

Available in Polished and Silk finishes and in 6mm and 12mm thicknesses, it is ideal for kitchen and bathroom floors, walls, and worktops, as well as furniture.

Man-made and 100% natural, Neolith by TheSize offers the feel of natural material with all the benefits of Sintered Stone – resistance to scratches, high temperatures, abrasion, frost, chemicals, and UV-exposure.

The material is created by Sinterisation, an innovative technology, exposing minerals and raw materials to extremely high pressure and temperature (over 1200 degrees Celsius), resembling the way natural stone forms over thousands of years, in just hours. This way, the authenticity and sophistication of real materials with the excellent technical and mechanical properties of Neolith are merged.

Neolith has near-zero porosity, making the product hygienic, stain resistant, easy to clean and impervious to chemicals. The product is also wear, scratch, heat resistant and its colours, being natural base, do not vary when exposed to UV rays. Additionally, the product is lightweight and easy to install, making Neolith suitable for not only furniture, but also for virtually every indoor and outdoor surface.

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