Designer    Launch 31 Oct 2017

Natural flair – Ritmonio takes inspiration from nature in its new ‘Colours of the World’ project

Since launching the Haptic collection at Salone del Mobile, in 2016, Ritmonio’s popularity and influence in the architecture and design world has grown dramatically.

Following this innovative line, Ritmonio has developed a fresh, new collection of cement-topped taps, as part of the Colours of the World project. The eight new colourful cement handles are each inspired by natural sceneries and primordial elements. Vulcano, as its name suggests, is inspired by the colour of lava – a bold and bright red hue. While the other seven hues vary from Tundra, a calming green taken from the shades of moss and lichens to Oceano, that takes its colour from the world’s many unexplored oceans and Tramonto (as featured), which embodies the colour of the sky before nightfall.

Thanks to the addition of colour, the rough, structural concrete of the Haptic handle is given a velvety smooth finish.

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