Utopia    Launch 10 May 2017

Merlyn’s magical shower wall collection will transform your bathroom, and make your shower area sparkle

Shower walls are a growing trend for contemporary bathrooms. The simple, yet elegant glass walls have the ability to entirely reorient your shower zone. Placing the slim glass panel parallel to the wall on which the shower is mounted, negates the need for a full cubic enclosure, and keeps the shower area clean, contemporary and minimal. This style can also help draw visual attention to the shower brassware and wall behind, so consider cladding this wall with a vibrant, patterned tile, visually arresting natural stone or even a metallic design, as the glass panel opposite can enhance the effect of a feature wall – making it appear more as a piece of art than a simply functional zone.

Merlyn Showering have recently collated their fabulous new collection of shower walls in a full brochure. All the shower walls are available in a 2,000 mm height, to provide a practical amount of coverage and save the remainder of the bathroom from excess water splashes. Merlyn’s glass walls are also available with a choice of either 8 mm or 10 mm toughened safety glass, all with a Mershield StayClear easy clean coating.

The shower walls are designed to work wonderfully with or without a partnering shower tray. To craft a sturdier structure, Merlyn offer the option to select additional panels, which can be used to create a three-sided shower enclosure. A swivel panel to deflect spray, an end panel, corner profile, recessed floor wall or floor profile and vertical post for added security, are all additional options to partner the simply sleek shower wall.

Featured: double entry shower wall, with 2 stabilising bars, available in 10mm or 8mm thickness.

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