Designer    Launch 26 Feb 2018

Margraf’s new bathroom range celebrates a timeless stone which pre-dates civilisation – marble

Born from the virtuous patience of mother nature, real marble creates not only settings of extraordinary beauty, but also creates a sense of existing outside of the pressures of time. After skilfully quarrying and crafting marble for more than 110 years, Margraf now reinterprets this timeless stone with a modern twist.

The result is a collection of tiles, bathtubs, shower trays and washbasins of various shapes and sizes, which transform the bathroom environment into a place of extraordinary refinement and exclusive luxury. Margraf also offers a wide range of marble and mosaic floor and wall tiles in a wide variety of sizes, finishes and colours.


Margraf’s four new floor-standing wash basins – Piramide, Nuvola, Bigas, and Stelo – offer a variety of cubic and polymorphic shapes, and are assembled from combinations of Granada Beige, Monaco Light, Breccia Paradiso, Botticino Classico, Veselye Unito, Crema Nuova, and Botticino Fiorito marbles.


Wall tiles are available in Striato Olimpico and Bianco Statuario marbles, in book-match style; while floor tiles (also suitable for walls) come in sandblasted and brushed, 2cm-thick Travertino Romano Classico marble.

Shower and bath

The Quadra shower tray in Granada Beige features Chocolate coloured inlays and a concealed drain. Perhaps most elegant of the entire collection is Gaia, a solid marble bathtub carved from a single piece of Veselye Fiorito marble, of dimensions 180x120x60 (LxWxH).



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