kb-network    Launch 26 Apr 2017

Luxury bathroom specialist, Drummonds, has launched a brand new and interactive website

Luxury bathroom manufacturer, Drummonds, has launches a brand new exciting website, focusing on new products, new images and greater interactivity.

Renown for their traditional manufacturing techniques such as casting molten iron and brass, Drummonds’ new site features a helpful blend of videos alongside stunning real lifestyle imagery.

However, behind the beautiful new product photos lies an intelligent service-led website, offering everything from detailed technical information to sample requests, appointment bookings and access to Drummonds’ in-house design service.

The gallery, in particular, offers spectacular real home visuals of the brand’s various product installations from around the world. Plus, while looking through a range of lifestyle imagery, the user is able to simply click on the scheme to see which products have been used – taking them straight through to the product page and ultimately giving both an easy and visually appealing online experience.

Drummonds | drummonds-uk.com