Designer    Launch 29 Sep 2017

Lundhs emerald worktops integrate modern style and raw materials to create a welcoming interior

This Norwegian kitchen featuring Lundhs Emerald worktops is the perfect example of how to seamlessly integrate modern style and raw materials to create a welcoming and impressive interior scheme.

Characterised by a typical minimalistic Scandinavian feel, the Lundhs Emerald natural stone worktop is a clear hero statement feature of the kitchen. A visual embodiment of how natural light and materials can combine to produce an exquisite visual masterpiece, the worktop brings both character and elegance to space and sits perfectly against the surrounding wood accents. The blend of the glistening blue feldspar crystals and the intense hue of the stone beautifully complement the contemporary white kitchen cabinets to create a stylish yet warm atmosphere. Boasting from high heat, water, scratch, UV and stain resistance, Lundhs Emerald is extremely easy to maintain. Made from one of the most unique and strongest materials in the world, Larvikite, Lundhs Emerald is a truly one of a kind piece. With glints of sumptuous silvery blue crystals, Lundhs Emerald will act as a decorative touch to any kitchen, delivering a sense of refined sophistication and style. Available in both a silk matte finish and a polished finish, this versatile real stone will look stunning in any manner of interior scheme.

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