Utopia    Launch 19 Jul 2017

Love retro? Here’s how to create a classy retro-styled kitchen with Mobalpa’s latest range


Retro styles are making their mark in the list of top trends this season; but, though they take inspiration from the well-known styles of the sixties and seventies, now is not a time to return to an avocado-shaded bathroom or start stapling flared trousers to the walls. Instead, consider opting for a more sophisticated scheme of predominantly monochromatic colours, bold lines and geometric patterns, while adding the occasional contemporary touch, such as a metallic-finished pendant light or characterful open shelving, to bring your retro scheme into the 21st century.

When it comes to classy retro aesthetics, Mobalpa has ‘hit the nail on the head’ with its newly reworked Melia and Delice kitchen. The compact kitchen combines simple matt black surfaces and black laminate worktop with a new Zebrano veneer that cleverly injects warmth, texture and an interesting linear pattern into the design.

Hidden corner units work to create the illusion of even more room and provide you with plentiful storage for all the kitchen essentials, while the handleless profile adds a dash of modernity to this stylish ensemble.

Mobalpa’s Kitchens Product Manager, Jean Noel commented: “There is certainly an increased interest in retro design and this clever kitchen embodies a simplistic look in which elements such as metallic light fixtures or glass surfaces can be integrated to add a contemporary update.”

Top tip: to add some character to a retro scheme like this, select a vibrant on-trend hue such as Millennial Pink or a warm coppery-orange (Pantone’s Autumn Maple will work well) and use this to accent the walls of furniture.

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