Designer    Launch 19 Apr 2017

LochAnna pushes storage to the max with its new space saving kitchen larders

After the success of LochAnna’s original Butler’s Pantry, the company has launched two further designs to provide stylish and practical storage solutions for its kitchens.

From its exterior, the Corner Larder presents a beautiful sleek aesthetic, while it’s clever shape allows the larder to fit seamlessly, as its name suggest, into a corner – ensuring an integrated kitchen won’t be marred by an ill-fitting pantry. The interior, however, features numerous shelving units and a wine-rack, to provide the user with ample storage space and even an area to store their ironing board.

The Larder Tower combines individual pull-out drawers with feature glass fronts and side rails, and base and backboards in a contemporary Graphite grey. Though a seemingly average storage cupboard, the Larder Tower also has potential to store items of all shapes, sizes and heights within its deep Excel Plus Glass drawers, which aim to maximise the use of every inch of internal space.

Featured (left to right) – Larder Tower, Butler’s Pantry and Corner Larder

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