Utopia    Launch 25 Apr 2017

Life saver – AEG launches 9000 series washing machines, to extend the life of your clothing


Research states that the average British person throws away 90% of garments before they need to, due to misunderstanding their care requirements. AEG aims to extend the life of clothing by up to nine months.

The 9000 series featured SoftWater technology that purifies and softens waters prior to it entering the drum. This reduces fabric abrasion and can deliver the quality of a 60 degree wash at only 30 degrees.

The machine also boasts integrated ÖKOMix technology which ensures every trace of detergent and softener is mixed with water, dissolving and activating it before it reaches the drum. Other features of the 9000 series include: ProSteam – short, gentle steam programmes which safely remove odours and reduce creases in dry fabrics; ProSense – that will automatically weigh each load to provide an accurate tailored cycle; and ÖKO power – which washes clothes in under an hour for low energy consumption.

AEG | aeg.co.uk